Getting Around

Singapore's Changi Airport is 30 minutes from the city centre, with a variety of means to get to and from the airport. Expect to pay between S$18 and S$38 for your journey. More information is available at the Changi Airport Website.

Singapore has put in place a highly-efficient public transit system that consists of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxi services.

Visitors who wish to travel by MRT will have to purchase an EZ-link Card for their trips. Payment of bus fares can be made either in cash or through the EZ-Link Card. More information on this here.

Tip: You can download apps for the SIngapore Bus Service, MRT and even public transport schedules onto your phone, which will prove helpful in getting on track with local public transportation.

For a tiny nation of 5-plus million people, there are (as of February 17, 2012) seven cab companies with some 26,000 taxis cruising the island plus individually-owned cabs. You can easily identify them by their vibrant colours.

Taxi Company Telephone
CityCab (Yellow) 6552 1111
Comfort (Blue) 6552 1111
SMRT (Beige) 6555 8888
Premier/Silver Cab (Silver) 6363 6888
TransCab (Red & White) 6555 3333
Prime (Copper) 6778 0808
Yellow-Tops private taxis (Yellow & Black) 6293 5545

Taxi rides in Singapore are generally fraught-free and law-abiding, although the fare structure can range greatly depending on the time of day and pickup point.

If you prefer comfort and don't mind paying a premium, limousine cabs offer the best rides. These include CityCab's Presido and MaxiCab, SMRT's Prestige and London Caband Airport Transfer service.

Tip: You don’t have to tip as it is not expected. The driver is also expected to return you your change. Some taxis have credit card facilities onboard. If you pay by credit or charge card, an additional 10 percent administrative charge is applied to the total fare.



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