CONTRIBUTED SESSION TITLE Organizer/Moderator Time Slot
Feminization of agriculture, rice-farming women's health, and implications for agricultural productivity Minh Le, Oxfam Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Urban-Rural Systems: Emerging Research at the Interface of Urbanisation and Agriculture Stephen Cairns, Future Cities Laboratory Singapore Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Public Private Partnerships best practices Remy Bitoun, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Rice simulation models to address challenges for rice production under changing climate (AGMIP) Toshi Hasegawa, Yin Xinyou, AGMIP Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Sustainable Food System & Diets – Implication & Relevance for Nutrition Security Boon Yee, Pauline Chan, ILSI-SEA Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Nutrition-sensitive Rice-Fish Food Systems Shakuntala Thilsted, WorldFish center Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Putting waste to good use: sustainable rice straw management international seminar Martin Gummert, Nguyen Van Hung, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Carbon Sequestration for Climate Change Mitigation Ole Sander, Pauline Chivenge, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
South-South cooperation to boost the rice sector in Africa Abdel Ismail, IRRI; Etienne Duveiller, AfricaRice Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Rice Economy: Markets, Policies and Impacts Prakashan Chellattan Veettil, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Rice Postharvest Processing and Sustainability Impacts Alicia Perdon, Kellogg Martin Gummert, IRRI Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Rice Agroforestry: prospects for impact and research needs Javed Rizvi, ICRAF; Nafees Meah, Uma Shankar Singh, IRRI Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
Rice Fortification for Improved Nutrition Dora Panagides, World food program 2018 (Wednesday)
Mobile Data Collection for Rice Research Melanie Connor, Carolyn Florey, IRRI Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
Strengthening Pakistan Punjab’s Basmati Rice Value Chain – Outcomes of Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s Technical Assistance Noriko Sato, Asian Development Bank Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) : Research, Resilience and Scaling Up Lucy Fisher, Cornell University Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Inclusive business: How to achieve win-win-plus solutions for all actors in sustainable rice value chains Christ Vansteenkiste, RIKOLTO Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Book Launches: Rice diseases - biology and selected management practices; Biology and management of invasive apple snails; Advances in science and engineering of rice Nollie Vera Cruz, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday)
Boosting the Big Data of Rice with Digital Identifiers Kent Nnadozie, FAO Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Diversifying rice agri-food systems Oscar Ortiz, CIP; Jackie Hughes, IRRI Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
Rice for the Future: A Singapore Perspective Fong Siew Lee, ASTAR Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Modern Approaches in Varietal Monitoring System Prakashan Chellattan Veettil, IRRI Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Scholars Café on Upgrading Rice Value Chains Matty Demont, IRRI Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
Modeling the impact of climate change on rice production with the web-based application of ORYZA model Ando Radanielson, IRRI Oct 15 2018 (Monday) and Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
Crop Trust-IRRI genebank signing ceremony Matthew Morell, IRRI Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
22nd Council for Partnership on Rice Research in Asia (CORRA) Annual Meeting Oct 16 2018 (Tuesday)
RICE program meeting: 'Accelerating impact and equity'  Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
RICE program management meeting Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)
RICE program meeting: 'New rice varieties'  Oct 17 2018 (Wednesday)