Exact schedules and room assignments of the side events will be posted on or before August 30 2018

Event Title


Feminization of Agriculture, rice-farming women's health, and implications for agricultural productivity

Le Nguyet Minh

Future Cities Laboratory Singapore/Zurich

Stephen Cairns

Public-Private Partnerships Best Practices

Remy Bitoun

AgMIP Rice Modelling

Toshi Hasegawa

Putting waste to good use: Sustainable Rice Straw Management International Seminar

Nguyen Van Hung, Martin Gummert

Rice/Climate Change; Carbon Sequestration

Pauline Chivenge, Ole Sander

Africa/ South-South collaboration

Abdel Ismail

SRP Plenary

William Wyn Ellis

Rice Economy: Markets, Policies and Impacts


Rice Agroforestry

Javed Rizvi

WFP activity on Food Fortification

Dora Panagides

Mobile Data Collection for Rice Research

Melanie Connor

Basmati Rice Value Chain Technical Assistance Project, Punjab, Pakistan

Noriko Sato


Oliver Frith

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI): Research, Resilience and Scaling Up

Lucy Fisher

Farmer voices: smallholder farmers speak out about research priorities for rice improvement

Le Nguyet Minh

Mechanization of Rice Production

Leely Zhang

Private Sector Engagement to accelerate the scale out of GHG mitigation technologies in rice

Reiner Wassmann, Ole Sander

Current development and rice industry in Indonesia


Joint Book Launching: Pest & Disease book and The Golden Apple Snail book

Casiana Vera Cruz, Rc Joshi

Boosting the Big Data of Rice with Digital Identifiers

Kent Nnadozie


Martin Gummert